How did Thalapathy Vijay become box office King..!?

As actor Vijay celebrates his 50th birthday today, let's take a look at how he rose to become the box office king. Thalapathy Vijay is a name deeply imprinted in the heart of Tamils. Vijay has emerged as a powerful force in tamil Nadu as he has a fan base everywhere he goes, and a wave of ardent fans flocking everywhere he goes. Although he stepped into the film industry on the arm of his father, after that Vijay paved his own path with perseverance and today he has crossed the borders and planted the flag of victory as a Tamilian who will rule.
Although he continued to act in his father's direction in the early days, none of them gave Vijay much of a hand. Vikraman's Poove Unakaaga, released at such a moment, transformed Vijay from the director's son image to a hit hero. Vijay turned his minuses into pluses as he looked like the boy next door. Vijay rose to the status of a leading actor by acting in successively soft romantic films. Especially after the year 2000, the hat-trick success of films like Khushi, Priyamanavale, and Friends created a special place for Vijay in tamil cinema. His dancing and bouncy act attracted the fans and he started to develop his own fan base.Even though he had a series of hits in romantic films, it was Thirumalai who laid the foundation for the action route that he wanted to change. The subsequent film Gilli became the first 50-crore film in tamil cinema and made Vijay a box office king. Then the voices of Vijay as the next superstar started ringing all over tamil Nadu. After Gilli, Tirupachi, Sivakasi, and pokiri followed Vijay's commercial success at the box office, thereby creating a competition among young actors who would be the next Vijay, beyond being the next superstar. Vijay's successful career took a turn for the worse. Vijay always brushes aside the criticism that falls on him and always accepts only the justification for it.
In that way, he accepted the criticism that he was acting in the same films and then started acting in different stories. The success of films like Kavalan, Velayutham, and Nanban, which were released in that sequence, brought Vijay's career back to a head. Later, AR murugadoss directed Vijay's films Thupakki and Kathti, which collected more than Rs 100 crores at the box office. Vijay, who initially struggled for many years for a hit, today owns the great achievement of being the only tamil actor to give three 300 crore films. Especially Vijay's last film Leo has collected more than Rs.600 crores at the box office and is the highest-grossing film in Vijay's career. There is no doubt that such a box office hero leaving cinema for politics would be a huge loss for Kollywood.

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