For someone who found bugs in the chicken biryani, a fun afternoon of enjoying the cuisine swiftly turned into a disconcerting encounter.
Sai teja took to X to voice his worries on his recent purchase from Mehfil Biryani in Kukatpally, pointing up that the chicken pieces had bugs in them. After reporting the problem to swiggy and tagging @cfs_telangana for action, he received a message from the app saying, "We regret that your order did not meet expectations; packaging is managed solely by the restaurant."
In an attempt to appease the customer, a swiggy customer service representative offered a Rs. 64 refund for the affected items, out of a total bill amounting to Rs. 318. Expressing dissatisfaction with the restaurant, Sai teja took to social media, urging followers with a tweet: “Avoid ordering from Mehfil Kukatpally.”
Additionally, the user experienced a barrier while attempting to file a complaint via the Food Safety & Standards Authority of india (FSSAI) website, noting that "the system prompts me to fill in additional details despite entering all necessary information."

Netizens react
With 66.3K views on X, the tweet attracted notice swiftly. One user wrote, "It's unfortunately common nowadays." Expect negligible flavor at most. Nobody questions this mafia-esque structure. Simply stop buying groceries online.
 "Is a Rs. 64 refund sufficient compensation if consuming such items unexpectedly leads to harm?" inquired a concerned user on X.

Echoing similar incidents, another user shared, “I faced the same issue and even found sharp plastic in the food. swiggy seems focused solely on business with vendors.”
Meanwhile, another user, expressing frustration, stated, “At Vasista Srilakshmi, Kondapur, I found an aluminum foil in the curry, but @cfs_telangana remains inactive.”

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