The situation of the bjp in telangana state has been unpredictable. Despite expectations of the party's rise, it has not made significant gains. On social media, it is being discussed that having a strong leader like revanth reddy is a significant advantage for Congress. In contrast, the absence of such a leader is seen as a disadvantage for the BJP.

For the bjp to succeed in the state, it needs a leader who is determined to bring the party to power, supported by other party leaders. In the last year's elections, the chances of victory for both congress and the bjp were similar, but the BJP's mistakes have been noted as detrimental to their success.

The BJP's ability to convince people of their unity and commitment in the coming days will be crucial. If bjp leaders intensify their efforts, the party has the potential to come to power in Telangana. A well-crafted manifesto is essential for this, ideally one that is tailored specifically for the state, separate from the national manifesto.

Announcing new schemes while continuing the successful ones already implemented in telangana would benefit the BJP. The manifesto played a significant role in congress coming to power, and if the bjp leaders adapt their strategies, they could see a change in their fortunes. It remains to be seen whether Modi and amit shah will give special attention to Telangana. people who have experienced the rule of other parties are looking forward to potentially seeing the bjp in power.

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