Narco-Analysis Test and Law in India...

Narco test of Aftab Poonawalla, accused in Delhi's famous Shraddha murder Case, is being done. After the narco test, it is expected that Shraddha's case will be solved and the police will get all the evidence. Because the accused Aftab is not giving correct answers in the police interrogation. However, this is not the first time that a criminal is repeatedly changing his statement to hide the truth. Even before this, in many heinous crimes including the Nithari incident, the Aarushi murder case, the accused were seen hiding the truth. In such a situation, the police had to conduct narco test of the accused to bring out the truth. Let us first know what is narco test and how is it used?

Narco test is also known as truth serum. Narco is a Greek word, which means anesthesia. Narcoanalysis used to refer to a technique of psychotherapy that used psychotropic drugs. This is done when a criminal is repeatedly changing his statement to hide the truth. This test is allowed only after the permission of the court. In this test, a drug sodium pentothal, scopolamine and sodium amytal is given through injection in the human body.

This medicine spreads in the human blood after a while through the vein and he goes into a state of hypnotic trance. This reduces his hesitation or tendency to lie. In such a situation, he feels free to answer all those things, the possibility of answering which if he is in his senses is negligible. Due to this, the investigating agencies also get those information, which are not available due to lack of evidence.

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