SHOCKING Adulteration in Salt..!? How to find adulterated salt?

Eating adulterated salt does not provide the body with the medicinal properties it normally would. health problems caused by adulterated salt.
Most of the products available in the market are adulterated and pose a major threat to people's health. It is adulterated in everything from spices to tea, flour, biscuits, oil, pulses, and ghee. Adulteration of it and salt causes shock and concern. salt is a basic ingredient in our diet. salt is naturally obtained from sea water and it is because of its many medicinal properties that it has become indispensable. However, adulteration of salt has become widespread. Eating processed salt does not provide the body with the medicinal properties it normally should. In addition, mixed salt causes many disorders in the body. Many problems like Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) also occur. Learn about the many problems that adulterated salt can cause. Eating processed salt can also affect brain function.
Many people have the question of how to identify adulterated salt. But, adulteration in salt is usually something that is not easily detected. Unknowingly, we are spoiling our health by eating refined salt. While it has become a big question whether the food we eat is free of adulteration, no one expected that the products we buy, even if the price is high, become the enemy of our health. Did you know that even the cheapest salt used in our diet throughout the day is not immune to adulteration? Because adulteration in salt is not easily detected, people use adulterated salt without knowing it and spoil their health. The refined version of iodized salt is the one we usually use in cooking. Refined salt is white. Table salt mixes naturally with any food.

There are a few ways to easily determine the purity of table salt. They are easy. Here are some simple tips from the Food Safety and Standards Commission of india to check the purity of the salt we consume.
Water testing:

Usually colored salt is mixed with lime of the same color. To detect this adulteration, take one spoonful of salt in a glass of water and mix it well. If the salt is adulterated with lime, the water will turn white. Insoluble impurities settle to the bottom of the resin.
Potato experiment:

Cut a potato in half. Sprinkle salt powder on the cut part of the potato and leave it for a minute. Then, add two drops of lemon juice to the potatoes. If the salt is adulterated, the surface of the potato will turn blue.

Health hazards of consuming adulterated salt:

Consuming adulterated salt can cause serious liver diseases. Eating adulterated salt has a bad effect on the digestive system. Stomach burning sensation and pain may increase. people who suffer from gas formation in the stomach can face many problems due to the consumption of adulterated salt. Regular intake of refined salt can also harm the brain and kidneys and can lead to the formation of kidney stones. If the salt is adulterated, it increases the level of urea in the body and increases the problem of gut.

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