While developing a multiverse is a standard practise for creators of animation and visual effects films, as in the cases of Spiderman, Batman, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, nowadays creators of conventional commercial films are also developing their own character universe, or multiverse.

"LCU," also known as the lokesh Cinematic Universe, is one of the most interconnected universes for the southern audience. khaidi was the idea of director lokesh kanagaraj, who later expanded on its characters in the subsequent movie Vikram, creating an entire universe. Even his upcoming film with Vijay will take place in the same setting and include flashbacks to previous characters and events. Then, further movies set in the same universe, like Kaithi 2 and vikram 2, will be included.

Prashanth Neel's KGF, the next major cinematic universe, is the only one to exist. Although we have yet to witness the magic, rumours have it that some of the characters from the yash starrers would appear in Salaar and other upcoming films. In parallel, the Brahmastra film by director Ayan Mukherjee produced an Astraverse. While Part 1 is still unfinished, there will be sequels and a third instalment employing some of the movie's characters.

Director Sailesh's HIT series will also soon be a "multiverse" since he plans to bring together all the heroes from his previous films and give them new missions. HIT 4 or 5 is when Adivi Sesh, Vishwaksen, and nani are reportedly working together on an investigation.

Another director, Prashanth Varma, has stated that his subsequent telugu film, Adhira, will be incorporated into the Prashanth Cinematic Universe following the release of Han-Man. Even while we could only refer to a world as such once the spin-offs accurately captured the characters, nowadays every director claims to have invented a multiverse.

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