Although some of the murders in Scream 6 were more violent than others, it did not keep them PG. With five Ghostface killers scattered throughout the streets of New York City, the sixth movie went bigger. The first two killers were revealed as film students Jason Carvey and his companion Greg who intended to assassinate their professor. They were assassinated shortly after by a different Ghostface, who was later identified as Detective Bailey working with his kids Quinn Bailey and Ethan Landry.

9. The Bodega Shooting

The bodega slaughter, which took place early in Scream 6, was a rather gory incident. sam and tara were hiding in the store's aisles in fear for their life, praying that Ghostface, who was equipped with a gun he had stolen from the cashier, wouldn't locate them and shoot them. When Ghostface is armed with a knife, it is much simpler to escape than when Ghostface is armed with a gun. Fortunately, sam and tara were able to escape without incident, but the cashier was not so lucky. The death was the least brutal of the movie because it happened very quickly and wasn't too detailed.

8. Jason Carvey's Killing

As the first Ghostface to unveil himself in the opening scene of a film, Jason Carvey made franchise history with Scream 6. Ghostface always attacks someone in the first scene of every Scream movie to let their victims know they're back. Ghostface removed his mask this time after killing Laura Crane, his film professor. He was unfortunately assassinated by a different Ghostface not long after receiving a phone call and entering the movie. Jason was brutally murdered with a knife in his kitchen, proving he was never really a killer to begin with.

7. Dr.Christopher Stone's Brutal Stabbing

Detective Bailey sounded pleased and elated when he informed Kirby Reed about Dr. christopher Stone's death. Yet, the way it turned out was very unsettling. The doctor was stabbed in the nose by Ghostface when he broke into his house. It was one of the more violent murders in the movie and demonstrated how far Ghostface will go to achieve his goals. Although being a graphic and brutal sequence, the doctor unfortunately played a minor role in Scream 6, therefore his passing didn't have as much of an impact.

6. Quinn Bailey's Real Murder

Far more enjoyable to witness the demise of the villains than the victims. Earlier in Scream 6's apartment killings scene, Quinn pretended to be dead; however, she actually passed away after she, her brother, and their father confessed they were all Ghostface. tara smashes Quinn in the head with a brick while she is fending off sam and Tara, which causes Quinn to lose her teeth and bleed profusely. sam unfortunately had to shoot her in the head because it wasn't enough to kill her. The conclusion was pretty repulsive.

5. Laura Crane's Murder

Since the original Scream premiere in 1996, fans have reproduced Drew Barrymore's portrayal as one of the most recognisable Slasher movie opening scenes. Every movie since has made an effort to create a memorable and horrific opening scene. The idea that Jason would expose himself after killing Laura was added in Scream 6, yet it didn't lessen the severity. Jason tricked Laura into leaving the restaurant and following him into an alley, where he then plunged a knife through her stomach, twisting her insides and denying her any chance of escaping. Although Laura wasn't a crucial character, it was very upsetting to learn of her murder.

4. Detective Bailey's Final Demise

It was difficult not to rejoice with Detective Bailey's demise because he had been abusing sam and her pals throughout the entire movie. He was the last to be eliminated since he was the ringleader, and it took the sisters a lot of effort to accomplish it. sam stabbed the investigator more than 30 times as she let all of her rage and doubts about her relationship to her father, the original Scream Ghostface, out on him. She targeted his eye with her final blow. Detective Bailey met a cruel end in this situation.

3. Greg's Body In The Refrigerator

Even though Greg wasn't particularly important to the movie and didn't even appear to be alive, Ghostface nonetheless committed one of the most heinous murders imaginable when he killed him. Ghostface told Jason to open his fridge while they were on the phone. Greg's body was torn to pieces within. The severed body pieces and the idea of Ghostface tearing Jason's friend apart were unsettling even if the audience was not present when the murder took place.

2. Ethan Landry's Stu-Inspired Death

Ethan suffered the worst of all the Ghostface fatalities in Scream 6, in my opinion. Although it was famous, Kirby imitated Sidney Prescott's method of killing Stu Macher in the original Scream. As tara twisted a knife into Ethan's throat in the manner that Ghostface had done to so many victims in the past, she believed she had ended his life. Ethan was still alive, nevertheless, like many of the other illogical Scream 6 survivors. Kirby killed Ethan by slamming a television into his head, just like Sidney did to Stu. While disturbing, his electrocution was satisfying.

1. Anika's Fall To Death

Although Mindy and Anika appeared to be dating, the Scream 6 heroine wasn't able to escape the apartment killings unharmed like the other victims. Danny, Sam's boyfriend, noticed Ghostface in Quinn's room but was unable to alert anyone that he was there. Ghostface soon started pursuing everyone, including Anika.

Despite the fact that it was clear Anika wouldn't survive her terrible stabbing, she nevertheless followed sam, Tara, and Mindy up the ladder to Danny's apartment. The ladder was unfortunately snatched by Ghostface from the opposite end, and she fiercely shook it till she fell several stories to her death. What made it worse was Ethan and Anika showed symptoms of being close friends earlier in the film, making Anika's death much crueller.

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