Female leads frequently use caravans or vanity vans in the film industry. Many people choose to rent them rather than arrange for their own and pay the creators. Ketan Rawal is an expert in creating caravans especially for bollywood stars; he has done so for a number of beauties. Ketan claims that kangana Ranaut's caravan has an extravagant interior unmatched by any other. A wonderful variety of décor can be seen throughout kangana Ranaut's caravan, which is set up similarly to her home.

Ketan reveals that the interior of the van alone cost 65 lakh rupees and that every sofa and chair is constructed of real teak wood. No other famous person or performer has ever purchased a caravan's interior for such a high sum. According to Ketan Rawal, who has created vanity vans for both the Ambani family and Bollywood's top men, Kangana's caravan boasts the most expensive inside. Shah Rukh Khan's massive caravan is difficult to travel to some sites, which recently inspired the development of a smaller van.

Many people, including Sridevi, Anil Kapoor, and amitabh bachchan, followed poonam dhillon in introducing these caravans to Bollywood. Star heroes and heroines in this field need unique caravans with interiors that are customised to their tastes for shooting sites. This makes Bunny's caravan seem like a great choice, while Kangana's caravan offers an astounding amount of luxury. The 65 lakh rupees that were spent on its inside are actually a considerable sum and could furnish a whole home.

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