Salman Khan leads a simple life despite being one of Bollywood's biggest stars, said casting director mukesh Chhabra. The tiger actor doesn't live in a luxurious house; instead, he rents a modest one-bedroom apartment with a living room, a dining room, a small place for entertaining guests, a gym, and a bedroom. salman doesn't enjoy affluence and doesn't engage in buying pricey products or branded goods, according to mukesh Chhabra.

He also lives a typical life and doesn't adhere to any particular creative approach. salman khan is also renowned for his commitment to his friends and family. However he emphasised that people frequently misinterpret the actor's honesty, mukesh applauded the actor for being honest. Khan still resides in a 1BHK apartment and doesn't enjoy any luxury, according to Chhabra, who described the star's basic lifestyle. Not everyone receives this much affection. 

"Just a very small number of individuals are aware that his residence is a 1 BHK apartment. It features a single sofa, a dining table, a tiny conversation space, a little gym, and a room. salman khan, the biggest star in this nation, is shown there. He lives a very straightforward life. He is not a lover of name brands or extravagant purchases. He eats everything and leads a typical life. He just is; it has nothing to do with his creative process. He and I have been conversing for the past 15 years, and he hasn't changed.

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