A movie must be censored before it can be released in theatres. The censor board was created to stop violence and vulgarity from spreading across society. Regarding the content on OTT platforms, the situation is different. Online programmes frequently show too much sex and violence. Even well-known performers like venkatesh and Rana exhibiting interest in such material is startling. vijayashanti recently implied a reference to the web series "Rana Naidu," expressing her ire and calling for strict censorship of OTT content.

She implores actors and producers to take such content down from OTT platforms in the hopes that the business will avoid criticism from female consumers. She also warns others to stay away from similar material in the future, saying that actors ought to uphold the regard they have gained from the general public over time. In actuality, she is subtly condemning venkatesh for choosing to work on this series without disclosing his name. To everyone's astonishment, venkatesh will, however, make an appearance in the show's second season.

Vijaya Shanthi also advised celebrities and content creators to exercise caution when consuming OTT content. According to Vijaya Shanthi, the audience's enthusiasm for the actors should be treated with more respect. Rana Naidu became the tenth most watched non-English series during its first week with 8,070,000 hours of views, and this was only a few days after introduction!

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