Sadly, the industry does not frequently see the distress of Prabhas' followers. prabhas actually has a sizable fan base. They aren't aware of the most recent developments, though. The number of portions in which Prabhas' films are being produced and the dates of their release are both undetermined. They are unaware of the movies now under production. Other heroes, whose PR teams provide updates, are not like this. Even though the film has been delayed for a while, they are clear on the release dates.

But that's not how Prabhas's movies are. Despite being a national icon in india, none of his films have been officially announced. There is no obvious publicity for his movie, despite the fact that the release date is only a few months away. Even though the release dates for his films have been set, there is no guarantee that the producers would honour them. The market was inundated with numerous posters and wishes during the significant festival of Ugadi. However, not even a little announcement from a prabhas movie was made.

Adipurush's predicament is unclear, while Salaar's condition is kept a secret. The journey there is challenging, as all the roads are more severely blocked off. The other films are similar if you consider of UV's films, which are produced by Prabhas's partners and close friends. Why does that matter? prabhas had the potential to be our 100 crore hero and a star for all of india till two years ago. However, today's pan-Indian stars include Bunny, Charan, NTR, Vijay Devarakonda, and Nani. We can see that they are moving in that way and that the competition has been escalating.

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