Over time, indian youth have experienced phases such as the fight for survival, unemployment, poverty, software boom, and recession. At each stage, various individuals attempted to survive in their own manner, and some turned ruthless in an effort to survive in the cruel, evil world. In his upcoming film, Vishwak Sen will portray such a figure.

Together with Sai Soujanya, on Fortune Four Cinemas, Suryadevara naga Vamsi, of sithara Entertainments, who recently produced dj Tillu and Butta Bomma, is creating this distinctive mass action movie. Vishwak Sen is said to be ecstatic about the topic and character. The plot of the movie, which is directed by krishna Chaitanya, is set in the rajahmundry region. The main character will be completely ruthless and grey.

Vishwak Sen wished to take on more distinctive and different roles that spanned various genres after Das Ka Dhamki. This narrative and part are ideal examples of that. In addition, yuvan shankar raja will compose the music for a direct telugu film, one that is also action-packed, following Oye and Raju Bhai. The filming of the movie will shortly begin, and it will be the mass ka Das festival in theatres!

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