Prabhas visited the sri venkateswara swamy temple in tirupati before the big Adipurush pre-release ceremony. On june 6, at 2.30 am, he performed the Suprabhata Seva and asked for blessings for the success of what may be considered his most ambitious effort to date. The movie's pre-release ceremony is slated to take place at Tirupati's Sri Venkateswara university Stadium later today. Massive plans are being made for the event, which will be held on an enormous size (much as the movie's level) and feature enormous cutouts and technological attractions.

The trailer for Adipurush, which will be released on june 16th, has revived the up until now sluggish buzz that the film has been generating since the publication of its teaser last year. The two songs that have been released so far have garnered positive reviews in both telugu and Hindi, and the VFX appear to be adequate. Adipurush, which was directed by Om Raut, also features kriti sanon and Saif ali Khan.

Rogue Star In addition to his impressive acting and box office endurance, prabhas is renowned for his risk-taking approach to screenplay selection. Despite being a celebrity throughout all of India, he would be willing to work with up-and-coming or tiny directors. prabhas appeared in saaho and radhe shyam after a massive hit like Baahubali 2. Small-time directors handled the direction of both films.

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