Children of established stars have a tendency to do this early; they frequently extol their forebears, elders, and members of their family. That "bhajana" had some success in the past, but it has little to show for it now. Instead of the "Ma Nanna, Ma Taatha, Ma Mamayya" conversations, the actual plot is what succeeds and creates stars.

The subject of conversation at the moment is none other than Akash, the fantastic filmmaker puri Jagan's son, who is currently working on the film "Chor Bazar." akash is once more seen speaking more about his father puri and his next projects, like as Liger, while promoting this movie. Even though prabhas approached him to conduct an interview, he did the same earlier during the "Romantic" movie's advertising. akash praised his father and made several important statements during the romantic movie's pre-release event, but the failure of the movie erased all of them.

And those who have heard songs like "Bachhan Saab" from Chor Bazaar are stating that it may be time for akash to stop acting like pawan kalyan and start acting in more modern films in order to establish himself in the business. Otherwise, there is a potential that he will fade away quickly the more movies he makes in similar vein and advertises them under the name "Daddy."

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