The name-change debate at ntr university has sparked a verbal battle between Jr. ntr and tdp supporters. When Jr. ntr tweeted that he respected both ntr and ysr equally, some tdp zealots took offence and began berating the actor with foul language and harsh remarks. Even though a day went by without a response from Jr. ntr, the actor's supporters today started trending on social media with the hashtag #JrNTRFootNaraDogs.

Nara Chandrababu and his fervent followers, who are verbally disparaging their hero, are now the target of Jr. ntr devotees. It is well known that a sizable group of Jr. ntr supporters have been pleading with the tdp chief to replace lokesh Naidu with their idol. They fear that under Nara Lokesh's leadership, the tdp will perish. Now that the tdp will divide between CBN and Jr. ntr, we must wait and see what will happen in ap politics.

Telugu actor junior ntr responded to the controversy a day after the andhra pradesh Assembly passed a Bill renaming the ntr university of health Sciences (UHS) as ysr UHS despite strong opposition from the telugu desam party (TDP). Renaming the institution, according to Jr. ntr, would neither enhance the reputation of former cm YS Rajasekhara reddy (the father of current cm YS jagan Mohan Reddy) nor diminish the stature of ntr, who is the founder of the tdp and a former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. tdp legislators in both houses of the andhra pradesh Legislature protested the decision to rename the university vigorously.

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