Faraaz Review: This film is not easy, just understand this much, Faraaz's stories also talk about drugs.

There is a lion in the ghazal of Javed Saba, the poet of Pakistan, Life is passing, life is passing, without Nasheb but also without Faraj. Nasheb means slope and Faraj means ascent, to achieve something good in life or the peak. After understanding the meaning of the name 'Faraj' of director Hansal Mehta's new film, which is making a splash on OTT, you will understand this film better. But, both of them did not make any effort to explain to the audience before the release of the film 'Faraj' made in the jugalbandi of anubhav sinha and T-Series. The reason could be anything. There are two newcomers in the film. people have come to know about Aditya Rawal's attitude from his first film 'Bamfaad'. Hansal has named the film 'Faraj' after the character of Jehaan Kapoor, the other star of the film. Jahan is well known to the visitors of Mumbai's prithvi Theatre. 

Hansal Mehta has made the film 'Faraj' on the terrorist attack that took place on 1 July 2016 in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. In the terrorist attack at Holy Artisan Cafe and Bakery in Dhaka, seven terrorists killed 22 foreign nationals and released the rest who were from the Muslim community after holding them hostage for 10 hours. Later, all the terrorists were killed by the bangladesh Army. The story is about Faraj and Nibras (Aditya Rawal) pretending that all terrorists are not Muslims and not all Muslims are terrorists either. This film is a slap on the face of those who mislead the youth by giving up the slogan that islam is in danger and also a lesson for those who do their politics in the name of religion

By making the film 'Faraj', both hansal mehta and anubhav sinha have taken a strong step in their era in the direction that today's youth should know what is islam and what is Muslim. In the film when a terrorist asks Faraj what do you want? So Faraj says, "We want our islam back from people like you." An attempt has also been made in the film to tell that not every Muslim is bad. people of two types of ideologies have been shown. Belongs to a fanatic ideology that gets eager to cause bloodshed on a decree. On the other hand, some people believe that be it islam or any other religion, no religion permits killing anyone. Even before 'Faraj', hansal mehta made the film 'Omerta' on terrorism. In this film, he exposed the Pakistani-British origin terrorist Umar Saeed Sheikh to become a terrorist, while in the film 'Shahid' In this also he passed around the same subject. In these films, hansal mehta showed the human aspects of terrorism very sensitively. Now, through 'Faraj', hansal mehta has tried to tell that spreading terrorism is only the thinking of a few people.

Shashi Kapoor's grandson Jahaan Kapoor is making his bollywood debut with 'Faraj'. In the film, he played the role of prince Faraj Hussain of Bangladesh. Paresh Rawal's son Aditya Rawal has become a terrorist leader in the film. If seen, this film is in a way a showreel of both. Amazing job is done by both. It is not known who is nineteen and who is twenty-one. Excellent performance by both. Juhi Babbar has also done a wonderful job in the character of Faraj Hussain's mother. Danish Iqbal, seen in the role of police Commissioner, is also seen trying to impress the audience. The film looks a bit weak before the interval but in the second half, hansal mehta tries to pull things right and gets a lot of help from his cinematographer and music team.

Films like 'Faraj' are films derived from the same thinking under which producer-director anubhav sinha made 'Mulk'. It was 'Mulk' that re-established anubhav sinha in cinema as a sensitive and creative director who wants to forget the past and see the world through new glasses. hansal mehta has understood this long back. The film 'Faraj' is a confluence of the sensibilities of both, but it is very difficult in the changed environment to attract the audience to the theaters to watch such a film. The general audience is not able to get monotonous from the beginning to the end of this film, which is suitable for watching on OTT and that is because this film talks about ideology, not entertainment. And, this is the weakest link in this film

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