kajal aggarwal, Regina Casandra,  Jani Iyer, and Raizaa Wilson are working with director Deekay on Karungaapiyam, as we previously reported. Actor vijay sethupathi shared the movie's trailer on social media, and it was well received. The team intended to release the film by the end of this month and has already forwarded the film to the censor board for final approval.

The trailer shows us Regina discovering a book called "Karungaapiyam" that offers future predictions. After that, images of kajal aggarwal with a toddler in a period outfit appear. The video then introduces janani and Raiza and focuses on the spooky scenes, keeping us curious as to what the movie might be about. Along with Kalaaiyarasan, yogi Baabu, Karunaakaran, john Vijay, Sha Raa, and Lollu Sabhaa Manohar, the film also has Noyrikaa, an Iranian actress who plays the role of the fifth heroine. The censor has asked the team to chop few bold scenes by Kajal right now.

Earlier, when discussing the movie, Deekay claims: "We chose the title Karungaapiyam for the horror movie since it basically translates to "black tales." In contrast to Yaamirukka Bayamey, a horror-comedy, and Kaatteri, a fairytale-based horror-comedy, the movie will feature several types of terror. The movie will explore the collision of five different people's lives."

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