1. Pathaan:

The eagerly awaited movie, which starred Shah Rukh Khan, deepika Padukone, and john abraham as the main villains, generated a lot of talk when it was released in India. Audiences were astounded by the film's exceptional revenues, which broke prior records and quickly amassed an amazing Rs 780 Cr. This achievement has raised a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation for the movie's upcoming success. The entire degree of the movie's financial success will be evident in the next week. The film's popularity can be credited to the brilliant cast's strong performances, together with a well-written plot and excellent production qualities.

2. writer Padmabhushan:

On thursday evening, the Suhas-starring film was premiered with a paid premiere, creating a buzz that rivalled that of any other highly anticipated movie. The manufacturer is Chai Bisket Banner. Despite not being relevant to the present, the film's substance could have an impact because of its climax. While the producers' argument and the selected narrative structure were praised by several critics, they failed to translate into any significant box office receipts in the region, even though they are doing well in the USA.

3. Michael:

Due to its weak hero and bad material, this highly anticipated pan-Indian film based on kgf was unable to capture the audience's interest. The audience was turned off by the film's content, despite the fact that openings were marginally better thanks to the striking trailer. The final nail in this movie's coffin was the unfavourable word of mouth publicity.

4. Waltair Veerayya

5. Butta Bomma

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