With its record-breaking box office success, Shah Rukh Khan's action extravaganza Pathaan has provided bollywood with a great deal of relief. However, prior to Pathaan, bollywood produced numerous outstanding films that were underappreciated when they were released in theatres but are now making waves thanks to their release on OTT channels. 

An Action hero, starring Ayushmann Khurrana, is one such movie. The movie offers OTT viewers a tonne of enjoyment. A lot of people who viewed the movie on Netflix couldn't help but gush about it. Even though it's not an Andhadhun, it's definitely captivating. Beyond the chase between the hero and the bad guy, the movie delivers a number of excellent lessons. Also adding to the entertainment value are the humorous takes on underworld dons, the media's TRP-focused theatrics, and narrative manipulation.

Before the pandemic, Ayushmann Khurrana's movies were guaranteed to gross $100 million worldwide. However, since COVID, people's movie-watching habits have altered, and he has been the most severely affected. But it must be acknowledged that Ayushmann persisted and continued to choose exciting projects with interesting material, which was his specialty. I hope he resumes finding success once again in his career!

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