Superstar nani, who dislikes the term "pan-India movie," is fairly optimistic that his latest film "Dasara" will be a hit in every language in which it is being distributed. Many people are curious as to why the film's pan-Indian promotions are all focused on nani while the campaign for its march 30th release is moving along quickly.

Evidently, nani conducted numerous solo interviews in hyderabad for tv shows, websites, and even private interviewers. He is traveling alone to North india to promote the movie; neither the director srikanth Odela nor his leading lady Keerthy suresh are in sight. It makes sense to exclude srikanth from the promotional campaign because he is a novice, but one has to question Nani's decision to bat alone in bollywood, where the presence of the cast and crew always enhances the mood.

If nani could bring his fellow "Dasara" actors and crew to all the events in the bollywood area, it would undoubtedly generate a lot of talks. He should at the very least imitate Allu Arjun, who promoted "Pushpa" by taking rashmika mandanna and devi sri prasad around while allowing sukumar to work on post-production in Hyderabad.

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