Little tiger ntr served as the special guest of honour at the Das Ka Dhamki pre-release function for youthful hero Vishwak Sen. ntr claimed that telugu and indian movies were responsible for RRR's oscar victory. The movie's success is partly a result of its audience, supporters, and the media. My eyes are delighted to watch telugu speakers keeravani and chandrabose receiving the Oscar.

I will never have Vishwak-like speech. He is a ball of energy. He talks more than I do. When Vishwak starts speaking, even I pause and pay attention. It is my obligation to attend the event. One movie that I like to watch when I'm feeling down is Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. Emoting comedy, without doing comedy is not an easy thing. Ashoka Vanamlo arjuna Kalyanam arrived just as I began to believe that Vishwak was moving in a monotonous manner. I was meant to go to the movie's pre-release event. 

The mature performance of Vishwak definitely surprised me. It took me a while to break free of the boring movies, but Vishwak surprised me with his transition. On the day I vowed to keep my word to you all, I felt truly reborn. He kept surprising me with HIT. When we had lunch together that day, and we talked more, I learned more about Vishwak. He desires to establish himself. I wish the confidence would not wane. I hope Das Ka Dhamki is a big success.

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