Das Ka Dhamki, starring Tollywood's up-and-coming actor Vishwak Sen, debuts on the eve of Ugadi. Vishwak Sen was questioned about the current controversy involving actor arjun during the film's publicity. It was announced but afterward, put on hold. arjun said in shocking remarks that he will file a lawsuit since Vishwak Sen failed to show up for the shoot.

Vishwak Sen stated when asked that he would prefer not to comment on the topic or the movie. I have a great deal of respect for many people, so I would rather not comment on the topic. When asked if he had paid a significant sum of money to resolve the conflict with arjun, Vishwak Sen also remained silent.

Moreover, Vishwak Sen stated that he preferred to direct Das Ka Dhamki because he believed he could give the movie justice. The movie's director and producer, Vishwak Sen, also starred in and produced Das Ka Dhamki. The audience was greatly captivated by the trailer and the music. On march 22, the movie will be released, and nivetha pethuraj will play the starring role. In this popular movie, Vishwak Sen has two roles. Today marks the release of the actor's newest movie, and he will shortly begin working on the project.

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