Armaan Malik's pregnant wife Kritika-Payal gets a 'golden cradle' for babies before delivery

Recently, armaan malik shared a new YouTube video, in which his wives Kritika and Payal shared glimpses of the new stuff they bought for their soon-to-be kids. 

Famous YouTuber armaan malik and his two wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik are counting the days until the arrival of their children. Please tell that Payal and Kritika are currently in the last trimester of their pregnancy and their delivery date is almost here. The parents-to-be are all set to prepare for the arrival of their babies as they have started shopping for new items for their little ones.

Armaan Malik's wives got a 'golden cradle' for their future children

Recently, armaan malik shared a video on his YouTube channel, giving his fans a glimpse of the new stuff he and his pregnant wives have got for their soon-to-be-born babies. Let us tell you that while Payal is expecting twins, Kritika is going to be a mother of a child, so keeping this in mind, the YouTuber family has started arranging children at their home. However, it was the title of the video that grabbed everyone's attention as it revealed that armaan malik has got a 'sone ka hula for his soon-to-be-born baby.

Kritika and Payal shared glimpses of children's beds and other items

Ahead of their delivery, Kritika Malik and Payal Malik have come up with some new items for their babies. In the video, the pregnant women opened a courier that arrived at their home early in the morning and gave their fans a glimpse inside. The package was for their babies, it contained a bedding set, two baskets, a diaper bag, a feeding pillow, and many other things that the two moms would need in the days to come

While one bedding set had cherry prints, the other was in gray and pink with a white star print. Payal and Armaan's son Chirayu looked totally in love with baby things. Payal also revealed in the video that Chirayu wants to name his soon-to-be-born sister 'Cherry' and is quite excited about his upcoming siblings. He was also seen playing with the mosquito net that came with the bedding set.

Armaan Malik's children's 'golden swing'

However, it was the last package that took a long time to open as it had multiple packing layers. When the package was finally opened, it revealed a special cot that came with a golden stand. Sharing the details of the same, Kritika told that she had bought this 'golden swing' for her soon-to-be-born children and said that she would get the three children's photo shoots done in that swing. The beige-colored cot is luxurious as well as comfortable and Chirayu looked surprised to see it.

Kritika Malik slammed the trollers

At the end of the video, Payal and Kritika also talked about how people started spreading fake news about her miscarriage and described it as a sad experience. Reflecting on the same, she told that now the same is happening with dipika kakar as people have started spreading fake news about her abortion. Let us tell you that dipika kakar is a popular television actress and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim is expecting their first child together.

For now, we are loving the new stuff armaan malik and his pregnant wives have got for their soon-to-be-born babies.

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