A vehicle accident involving tollywood actor sharwanand alarmed the community and his supporters. According to early indications, the tragedy happened last night in Hyderabad. Rakshitha reddy and sharwanand, who are set to be married and are both now working on separate film projects, recently became engaged.
Details suggest that Sharwanand's Range Rover lost control and flipped over close to the Filmnagar crossroads. Locals immediately transported him to the hospital for medical attention. The actor's family has not yet commented on the accident, but sources claim that his health is stable. The actor is said to have avoided a serious collision because the car has the necessary safety features. It is anticipated that the full extent of the accident will soon be known.

At the same time, some media are reporting that sharwanand was drunk and that is why the accident happened and some of his close friends have refuted the rumors. With his wedding in a few days, the accident has come as a huge shock to everyone including his fans and family members. The wedding is expected to take place on the same date without any change as Sharwa has escaped with minor bruises and there is no severe injury as per inside sources. 

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