Nikhil will be in the next india House film, which is being made by ram charan and abhishek Agarwal. The announcement alone led to numerous debates and inquiries.

First and foremost, many have questioned why a film about Savarkar is being made when there are so many other independence fighters. Veer Savarkar is alleged to have been imprisoned by the british for writing a book critical of them during the struggle for independence. He is also alleged to have maintained strong ties with Nathuram Godse, who murdered mahatma Gandhi. Veer Savarkar's propensity for hinduism made the themes around him perennially divisive. According to rumours, his book and several conspiracies against the british were born at the india House, hence the subject of the movie.

The focus of controversy has now shifted to Savarkar and india House following Nikhil's movie announcement. It is heavily criticised for being a BJP-backed film, similar to The kashmir Files. There were conflicting reactions to both the initial reveal and the pan-India declaration. Some people have even stated that Nikhil is the BJP's favourite hero after his film karthikeya became a huge hit in the North belt. Additionally, Nikhil appears to be capitalising on the interest throughout all of india with his upcoming films Spy and the india House, both of which are based on contentious issues in indian history.

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