The pre-release celebration for Prabhas' next movie Adipurush was attended by spiritual leader Chinnajeeyar Swamy the other day, making it a magnificent occasion in Tirupathi. However, if we could keep track of these fans' twitter timelines and their fan accounts, fan wars have started since this occurred. It appears that it started a fan conflict between pawan kalyan and Prabhas' supporters before NTR's supporters joined in. They are currently claiming that 10 lakh people attended NTR's andhrawala audio event whereas just 1 lakh attended Adipurush.

Well, forget about the statistics, but why do movie enthusiasts care about attendance at events rather than enjoying good cinema? These internet battles over the authority and power of a celebrity are pointless when telugu artists and telugu films are being acclaimed internationally. No matter the type of major star a movie has, only movies with strong substance are seen by audiences worldwide.

On the other side, some individuals are talking about the absurd fights that occurred at the screening of the movie, and they sound as absurd as they possibly could. The world needs to see telugu heroes again now that ram Charan, NTR, and prabhas have done so with rrr and Adipurush, respectively.

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