There were good expectations for skanda from the beginning. But even though the expectations were good till the title and teaser, it changed with the release of the trailer. As the trailer went on in a routine style, it did not create much buzz. However, movie buffs and fans were surprised to see ram mass look in the trailer.

 Ram's rampage action in Boyapati's Mark was perfect. So with this promotional film, it is clearly understood how Ram's character is going to be in the film. Like other films like Boyapati's Mark Action akhanda, it has become clear that skanda is going to be a pure high voltage action film with other commercial touches as well as a family drama. Otherwise the total run time of this movie is 167 minutes. That is 2 hours 47 minutes. 

Another special thing here is that Boyapati's last blockbuster hit film akhanda is also 167 minutes long. But balayya appeared in a duel role in this Akhanda. It is a well-known fact that Akhanda's character was popular in it. Balayya's look, action and dialogues are the highlight of the movie. In the film, ram looks soft on one side, but on the other side, Chandade is terrifying in his powerful mass avatar.

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