UAE-based couple got married in 'Boeing 747' aircraft and hosted Grand indian Wedding in the sky

UAE-based businessman dilip Pople hosted a grand indian wedding for his daughter Vidhi Pople. They got married in the air in a modified 'Boeing 747 aircraft'.

The wedding season has started and exciting glimpses of Grand indian Weddings taking place across the world are continuously emerging through social media. Similarly, recently, a Dubai-based indian couple Vidhi Popley and Hridesh Sainani got married grandly. Both of them took seven trips in the modified 'Boeing 747 aircraft' on 24 november 2023. 

UAE-based businessman dilip Pople's daughter Vidhi Pople got married to Hridesh Sainani in the air.

Famous United Arab Emirates (UAE) businessman dilip Pople hosted a grand celebration as his daughter Vidhi Pople tied the knot with her boyfriend Hridesh Sainani. Let us tell you that 'Pople Group', established in 1927, is a leading name in the luxury jewelry industry with many stores in dubai and Mumbai. The family arranged a lavish mid-air wedding as they boarded the 'Jetex' private terminal in South dubai on a three-hour flight journey from dubai to Oman.

While Vidhi had chosen a traditional red colored lehenga with heavy golden embroidery for the wedding, Hradesh looked very good in a cream-colored sherwani. The couple was joined by around 350 guests at the wedding, including close friends, family members, and media personnel. All the guests were wearing vibrant and stylish ethnic outfits and dancing to bollywood songs. The wedding procession reached the 'Jetex' VIP terminal near Dubai's Kail Maktoum airport and the celebrations started from there.

Vidhi and Hridesh's indian wedding took place with great pomp in 'A Boeing 747 aircraft.

A 'Boeing 747' aircraft was slightly modified into a luxurious wedding venue for the ceremony. A small projector was installed all over the plane so that everyone could watch the wedding festivities. Meanwhile, guests were treated to seven-star food, which included bread and butter, vegetable jhalafrazi, mushroom pulao, palak paneer, and dal masala. They were seen having fun thousands of feet above the ground.

Dilip Pople and his wife Sunita's marriage also took place in flight.

In 1994, Vidhi Pople's father dilip Pople married his girlfriend Sunita in 'Air india Airbus A310. dilip and Sunita's marriage was the first marriage in flight. Their big wedding was tagged as 'Hawai Bandhan' or 'Wedding in the Air' and it made headlines then. 'The Airbus A310 flew from mumbai to ahmedabad and the couple got married in the air. Apart from this, celebrity chef sanjeev Kapoor had arranged the food for the grand wedding.

In an interview with 'Brew News', dilip Pople talked about hosting an on-air wedding for his daughter Vidhi Pople and recalled how his father had done the same for him. Sharing details of his wedding, dilip said that he has taken his father's dream to the next level and is looking forward to organizing his son's wedding in space. 

He said, "My air wedding was my father's idea, which started on a light note. It was my father's dream, who wanted to get his son married in the air. We met the chairman of air india And in 1994 we had a wedding in the sky. Now I'm taking their dream to another level. I'm hopeful that technology will allow us to do something big, like a wedding in space, for my son's wedding."

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