What Is The Connection Between anand mahindra & kalki 2898 AD; read On For Details

Starring the likes of prabhas, deepika Padukone, amitabh bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and Disha Patani, 'Kalki 2898is of a kind never-seen-before film on the indian screen.

Kalki 2898is one of the most awaited prabhas films to release this year. 

one-of-a-kind experimental, epic, sci-fi action film by nag ashwin has been making headlines from the day it was announced. Starring the likes of prabhas, deepika Padukone, amitabh bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and Disha Patani, 'Kalki 2898is of a kind never-seen-before film on the indian screen. At an event in hyderabad on wednesday night, the makers of 'Kalki 2898 ADunveiled a custom-made car, which goes by the name of Bujji, a swanky robot in the film. 

Bujji launch event Hyderabad

A special teaser introducing Bujji was also released on May 22, 2024. The launch event of Bujji was held in Ramoji Film City wherein Bujji was unveiled. Designed and manufactured with the help of Anand Mahindra's team and Coimbatore-based jayam Motors, Bujji is voiced by Keerthy suresh in the teaser.

It was at the event attended by a few from the telugu film industry, media, and fans, that Prabhas made a grand entry riding Bujji.

The event was attended by nearly 20,000 guests and saw performances by bikers, and the Mumbai-based V.Unbeatable team which won season two of America's Got Talent before Bujji was finally unveiled on stage

How is anand mahindra connected to 'Kalki 2898 AD'

At the 'Kalki 2898 ADevent in hyderabad, nag ashwin revealed Anand Mahindra's contribution to the film.

"Bujji, when it comes to the name, might sound small but it’s very special. Making a film itself is tough and making something like this is the toughest. Bujji was the toughest to make amongst all. Back then, I tweeted to anand Mahindra. He activated his team.  They passed us on to jayam Motors in CoimbatoreIt’s a very experimental racing car-building company. It requires huge research to build a car with such featuresThis is something we pulled off here. The car is massiveWe customized and built it step by step, all for kalki and Bhairava. I want to thank the whole team of mahindrathe team of Jayam Motors, and team Kalki.”Ashwin said at the event.

For those unaware, Nag Ashwin reached out to Anand mahindra a few years ago on X asking for help to build Bujji. 

Anand mahindra reveals details about Bujji

Anand mahindra, who helped bring the robot car into reality, shared the Bujji teaser on X and wrote, "Fun stuff does, indeed, happen on X…We’re so proud of @nagashwin7 and his tribe of filmmakers who aren’t afraid to think big…and I mean big. Our team in mahindra Research Valley in chennai helped the kalki team realize its vision for a futuristic vehicle by simulating the powertrain configuration, architecture, and performance.”

“The vehicle runs on two mahindra e-motors powering the rear spherical wheel! And Jayem Automotives put it all together…Let the games begin…” He added.

Nag replied to anand mahindra about the help in bringing the futuristic vehicle into reality, and especially the vehicle's tires, and tweeted, “Thank you sir... for helping us dream the impossible...and for giving our #bujji its wings (tires..)”

Prabhas on Bujji

 Prabhas also spoke about Bujji at the launch event in hyderabad on wednesday evening and said, "My director tortured me for three years. I just wanted to come to the event casually. But Nag Ashwin made me perform these stuntsIt was his idea to tease fans that I have ‘someone special’ to build curiosity too. Bujji is very special. If you ask me to choose, I will pick Bujji’s body over its brain. Like all of you, I’m eagerly waiting to watch the movie. I hope you liked Bujji's teaser.”

About kalki 2898 AD

'Kalki 2898 ADis set in a dystopian world. The film has been in the making since 2021 and has cost its makers a massive amount of moneyFrom the promotional posters to the teaser, everything in 'Kalki 2898 ADlooks simply stunning. 

Bankrolled on a budget of Rs. 600 cr, 'Kalkiis the most expensive indian film to be madeWith music by santhosh narayanan and cinematography by Djordje Stojiljkovic, 'Kalki 2898 ADwill surely surprise audiences.

This Prabhas-starrer is all set to release on june 27, 2024.

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