Makers made big announcement of panchayat Season 4!!!

There is full buzz regarding panchayat season three. The comedy-drama series is going to be released on amazon Prime Video on May 28. This series is currently in the headlines and is trending on social media. Recently the makers had made some revelations before the release of the third season. He said that the different style of the character in Season 3 will surprise the fans. Meanwhile, the makers have also given an update on the fourth season of Panchayat. He says that work has started on the next season.

Update on the fourth part of Panchayat

Panchayat web series director Deepak Mishra told PTI during an interview, 'Work is being done on the script of panchayat Season 4. The third season is now over and we have started working on the fourth season. We have written and prepared three to four episodes of this show. We have clear ideas for panchayat Season 4. The director of the panchayat says that he is going to bring a total of five parts of this series. Let us tell you that its first part came in 2020 at the time of Corona. The second part was released in 2023.

What is the story of Panchayat?

The story of panchayat web series is based on abhishek kumar Tripathi. Who after engineering gets a job as village secretary in Phulera village. He remains very worried due to his salary being only Rs 20 thousand. While living in the village, the secretary starts liking the people there and he solves their problems.

Jeetendra Kumar compared Secretary and Shahrukh Khan

Let us tell you that during an interview a few days ago, Jitendra Kumar had compared the panchayat Secretary with Mohan Bhargava of the film Swades. He said that in the character of Secretary, there is a glimpse of shahrukh khan of Swadesh. One who had no interest in living in the village, but later becomes a part of the same village.

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