Hard work behind Akhilesh's victory!!!

After the results of the lok sabha elections, Uttar Pradesh is in a lot of discussion. In the last two general elections i.e. 2014 and 2019, bjp had performed very well in Uttar Pradesh, but this time the public has told that bjp will have to correct its move. akhilesh yadav has performed so well in this lok sabha election that even Mulayam Singh had not done till date. Certainly, the way bjp has lost in UP, questions have started being raised on the double engine. A period of brainstorming and deliberation is going on within the bjp and efforts are being made to find out the reasons for this defeat.

akhilesh yadav has got a very big victory. He has broken the record of his party. His hard work is also behind the victory of SP. A big reason for BJP's defeat is also the working style of the bjp government, due to which akhilesh yadav has got such a big victory. bjp has learnt a lot from this election. bjp has understood that the time of elections based on personality is over because many other personalities are standing in front of them now. The example of Modi and yogi duo which was given earlier has been stopped by the duo of rahul gandhi and akhilesh yadav, this means that it will be very difficult to be like before again.

bjp will have to understand that if the public has voted against it, then it means that the kind of policies, election campaigns and policies that were made so that they remain invincible, now the public has completely rejected them. This means that they cannot only talk on religious basis, they cannot create religious excitement. They cannot rule invincibly by staying away from basic questions. They cannot hide the basic problems of the public through five kilos of ration. The public has given a lesson to bjp this time.

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