Actress amala Paul's Baby Boy's unique name..!!

Actress amala Paul has announced the birth of a child with the name of the child on her social media. Videos and photos about it are going viral.
Amala Paul is a leading actress in tamil cinema. Kerala-born actress amala Paul faced various controversies during her debut in tamil cinema. The film 'Maina' directed by director Prabhu Salomon made her popular everywhere and became a huge turning point. Following this, Amalapaul, who was placed on the list of budding heroines, started acting in her next films, in the films of young actors like Dhanush, Arya, and jayam Ravi, and then in the films of leading actors like actor Vijay, Vikram.
While she was still a leading actress in the cinema, amala Paul, who fell in love with and married the famous director AL Vijay, started acting in movies again, creating a difference of opinion between AL Vijay's family and amala Paul. At one point, both Vijay and Amalapual reconciled and divorced in 2017. AL Vijay got married for the second time within a year of his divorce from amala Paul. But Amalapaul continued to show interest in acting in films. At one point it was said that Amalapaul was under a lot of stress when the market went down.To come out of this, she used to focus on mountain climbing and spirituality with her friends. She also created a sensation by acting in a very daring role in films like Aadai. In this case, Amalapaul, who got married to her long-time friend Jagat Desai last year, announced that she was pregnant after 2 months of marriage. It was later revealed that the reason for amala Paul's hasty marriage was her pregnancy. amala Paul, who was celebrating her pregnancy with her husband, expressed her happiness by posting photo shoots and reels. Both amala Paul and Jagat Desai announced on their social media page that amala Paul, who was pregnant for a full month, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on june 11. They named their baby very differently Ilai (ILAI). They released a video and photo about it and it is going viral. Fans are also congratulating amala Paul.

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