Reportedly the always citizen-friendly HyderabadPolice’s responsive policing ways have taken a huge new step for the common people to help complain about other police officers who have flouted rules and have bothered the public. You can take up such complaints with higher police officials through the recently added column on the ‘Hawk-Eye’ mobile app. This helps us stay connected with the hyderabad Police, and keeps an extra eye on the officials themselves.

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Furthermore as per the information, hyderabad police has taken up this step to avoid the negative publicity of the police who have been violating traffic rules on social media platforms, and to ensure a fair and transparent work ethic by all the police officials throughout the state in a clear and precise manner. Meanwhile hyderabad Police say that any citizen can file a complaint by just installing the Hawk-Eye app. You can use the app to complain against police who deny filing a complaint or an FIR, police misbehavior, vulgarity, improper response, violation of traffic rules, etc..


Moreover people can even add details about the complaint they have filed against the police including photos and videos and the place where the Incident had happened. Apparently the problem is directly taken to the notice of higher officials, and the problem of the victims can be solved within minutes. This will put an end to false allegations being put against the department.

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