Indian oil released a press statement stating that "A contemporary lightweight composite cylinder has been introduced by indian Oil. SM Vaidya, President of indian oil Company, presented actress aishwarya rajesh with the new type of cylinder. The new composite cylinder comes in two weight categories: 5 kg and 10 kg. It is more durable and secure than the current inden cylinders on the market."

It has an HDPE lining and polymer coated fibreglass interior, which greatly boosts its safety. It is light and easy to handle, weighing half as much as a normal cylinder. There's also the option of knowing how much gas is left. It never rusts, no matter how many years pass and this might be just the future which we all are looking for.

Customers can exchange their previous cylinders for this new one. You must pay an additional fee for this. If you don't wish to replace your old cylinder, a security deposit of Rs 2,150 for a 5 kg cylinder and Rs 3,350 for a 10 kg cylinder is available. As is customary, this new sort of cylinder will be delivered to your home if you have made a reservation.

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