Hindu organisations protested today at the Mandaikadu Bhagavathyamman temple, demanding that construction begin immediately. The sabarimala of ladies is the famed Mandaikadu Bhagavathyamman temple in Kanyakumari district. Every year, a huge number of ladies from kerala travel here to tie their hair and pay their mother's debts. On june 2, a fire damaged the roof of the temple headquarters. Following the tragedy, which shocked the believers, a temporary iron roof was built.

The tamil Nadu government has set aside Rs 1.80 crore to rehabilitate the Mandakkadu temple, which had caught fire. Hindu Charities minister Sekarbabu officially opened the project today. Meanwhile, Hindu organisations have announced that a demonstration will take place today in front of the Mandakkad temple, demanding that work on the temple begin according to the Agam method, which is based on the presence of god in the temple.

As a result, roadblocks were erected this morning at Mandaikadu temple, intersection, Koottumangalam, Patarnilam, Vettumadai, Pillamalayarkoil junction, and Lakshmipuram. The Kumari district S.P. was led by Nellai Commodity DIG Pravin Kumar Abhinav. More than 600 police officers were mobilised under the direction of Badrinarayanan and Kulachal DSP Thangaraman. vehicles and civilians were not permitted in the Mandakkad area, making it impossible for students and workers to get to school and college.

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