PunjabAmritpal Singh has he been arrested?

Punjab police is looking for Amritpal Singh since Saturday. He says that the police chased Amritpal for a long distance but he managed to escape. Now the legal advisor of 'Waris punjab De' organization Iman Singh Khara has alleged that Amritpal has been arrested but the police is hiding it. On behalf of 'Waris punjab De' organization, Iman Singh Khara has said that the police of Shahkot police station has arrested Amritpal. Now the Punjab-Haryana high court has also issued a Habeas Corpus notice to the punjab Government.

On a habeas corpus petition, the punjab and haryana high court on sunday gave the punjab administration notice. In this notice, a demand has been made to issue instructions to the police Commissioner of jalandhar and other officers to present the alleged prisoner Amritpal Singh. Justice N.S. Shekhawat fixed the next hearing of the matter on Tuesday.

'Amritpal Singh may have fake encounter'

Petitioner Iman Singh Khara has alleged that Amritpal Singh, chief of 'Waris punjab De', was illegally and forcibly detained by the police commissioner and other officials without any authority of law. Iman Singh Khara has expressed apprehension that the police wants to kill Amritpal Singh in a fake encounter. Iman has filed a petition in the high court stating that Amritpal's life is in danger.

Iman Singh also said that it is the duty of the police to present someone in the court within 24 hours of arresting them, but this has not been done. At the same time, in this case, the punjab police is constantly saying that Amritpal Singh is still absconding and his search is on. Let us tell you that internet services were suddenly stopped in punjab on saturday and police forces were deployed everywhere to arrest Amritpal Singh. Many of his companions were also caught but the police say that Amritpal managed to escape.

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