Bhutan: china has a voice in resolving Doklam conflict...P1

The prime minister of bhutan has said in the year 2017, the genie of the Doklam Standoff, which was the cause of the 73-day-long military standoff between india and china, has come out again. bhutan prime minister Lotay Tshering, the prime minister of the neighbouring country bhutan, has given such a statement regarding china in this dispute, which can give sleepless nights to New Delhi. Thering has said that this is a dispute between three countries (India, china and Bhutan) and china is also involved as a party in resolving it. Till now india has been opposing China's intervention in Doklam. Thering himself has earlier refused to accept china as a party in this dispute, but now his new statement is pointing towards the success of Chinese diplomacy in Bhutan.

What has the prime minister of bhutan said?

In fact, in an interview given to the Belgian news website 'Daily La Libre', Bhutan's prime minister Thering has shown a new attitude regarding this area. For the first time, Thering said, the solution to the Doklam dispute cannot be achieved merely by the will of Bhutan. Three countries are involved in this. All three are equal partners and none can be considered small. He further said that if india and china agree to the talks, then we are also ready to discuss this dispute.

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