The proportion of Muslim students in higher education in india is lower than the proportion of SCs and STs in 2020-21.

The All india survey of Higher education (AISHE) conducted the survey for 2020-21 and has released it now. According to a survey by AISHE, which is run under the Union Ministry of education, Muslim students studying life education declined by 8% in 2020-21. At the same time, the OBC category increased by 4 per cent, sc category by 4.2 per cent and st category by 11.9 per cent. The number of Muslim students who completed twelfth standard and went to higher education is only one lakh 79 thousand.

Higher education rates of Muslim students have declined from the previous year to 36 per cent in Uttar Pradesh, 26 per cent in Jammu and Kashmir, 8.5 per cent in maharashtra and 8.1 per cent in tamil Nadu.

It is said that the state of delhi is progressing in education under AAP rule. However, 20 percent of Muslim students who complete Class 12 there do not go on to higher education. Similarly, higher educational institutions have been increased in Uttar Pradesh as well. However, the enrollment rate of Muslim students there has decreased.

Kerala alone has a good rate of higher education of Muslim students at 43%. 36 percent of students in higher education belong to the OBC category and 14 percent to the sc category.

Even though the percentage of Muslims in india is 14%, only 4.6% of Muslims are in higher education. In this, surprisingly, more women are pursuing higher education than Muslim men.

As the number of Muslims in higher education declines, it is reflected in the number of teachers. 56 percent of the teachers are general category. OBCs constitute 32 per cent, SCs 9 per cent and STs 2.5 per cent. Muslims constitute 5.6 percent. Among the teachers there are only 75 female teachers for every 100 male teachers. There are 71 female teachers for every 100 male teachers in the OBC category and 75 female teachers for every 100 male teachers in the st category. Meanwhile, among Muslim teachers, there are only 59 female teachers for every 100 male teachers.

A total of 41 lakh 38 thousand 71 people enrolled in higher education in 2020-21. Out of this, the ratio of male students is 51.33 percent and female students are 48.67 percent.

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