"During the two-year tenure of the government of tamil Nadu, through 4 types of self-employment schemes, Rs. 177.72 crore bank loans have been provided to tribal youths with grants of Rs. 58.34 crores and 2,344 educated youths have been created as new entrepreneurs," minister D. Mo. Anparasan said.

In this regard, a press release issued by the tamil Nadu Government: In a program held today (May 31) at CITCO Complex, Chennai, tamil Nadu minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department, Mr. Mo. Anparasan, announced a new Rs. 100 crore Annal Ambedkar Industrial Pioneers Scheme. Published an explanatory manual. MSME government Secretary V. Arun Roy received it. Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes Associations, entrepreneurs were briefed on the Annal Ambedkar business Pioneers Scheme at the function.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister said: "The Chief minister, who is the protector of Adhi Dravidas and Tribals, has announced a new scheme called Annal Ambedkar business Pioneers Scheme in the current financial position statement to promote the economic development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes and Tribes. 35 percent investment subsidy and 6 percent interest subsidy will be given to newcomers and those expanding their business.

Also, the beneficiaries of this scheme are exempted on the entire educational qualification and 55 years old can also come forward to start a new business. Under this scheme, interested new entrepreneurs will be provided with subsidized loans for all manufacturing, commercial and service industries.

Also, this government has been implementing numerous schemes for scheduled caste and tribal entrepreneurs during the 2 years of its assumption of office. In particular, 2,344 educated youths have been created as new entrepreneurs by providing Rs. 58 crore 34 lakh subsidy and Rs. 177 crore 72 lakh bank loans to scheduled caste and Tribal youth through 4 types of self-employment schemes namely NEEDS, UYEGP, PMEGP, PMFME through the MSME sector.

In the last year's budget, a fund of Rs 30 crore has been earmarked to encourage scheduled caste and Tribal entrepreneurs, out of which Rs 17 crore 25 lakh equity investment has been given to 13 start-up companies. 8 For start-up companies Rs. 11 crore share capital will be issued soon.

I request that the newly announced Annal Ambedkar industry Pioneer Scheme should be implemented in coordination with the district General Managers, district Governor and other department officials. He said that tamil Nadu should take full advantage of the various schemes implemented by the government, the scheduled caste and tribal youth and entrepreneurs to make tamil Nadu the leading state in india in the field of industry.

In this event, Industrial Commissioner and Industrial Commercial director CG Thomas, CITCO Managing director S. Madhumati, Additional Commissioner of Commerce Grace Bachow, Chief Executive Officer of INDCOSERVE Monika Rana, Additional director of Commerce Ekambaram and scheduled tribes and scheduled tribes Associations and Entrepreneurs were present.

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