The farmers' union has insisted that the tamil Nadu government should pay Rs 20 lakh if the farmers die while working.

Farmers Grievance Redressal Meeting was held at thanjavur district Collectorate. district collector deepak Jacob presided over the meeting. Additional collector N. O. Sukhaputra and all government officials and farmers were present. In this, the participating farmers said: "The dredging work in thanjavur district is going on and there is a problem of getting commission at various places. In some places there is a stagnation in the work of distance. Therefore, the dredging works should be carried out quickly and without irregularities before the water is turned on in Mettur.

Just as the tamil Nadu government has given Rs 10 lakh to those who died after drinking fake liquor, farmers and agricultural workers should pay Rs 20 lakh if they die due to thunder, lightning, electricity or bites of poisonous animals.

Criminal action should be taken against all those involved including the principal, officers and government officials who cheated the farmers,

The additional chief secretary to the government has said that bribes are being collected at the first station of direct rice harvesting. This money should be confiscated from the procurement officers and officials and returned to the farmers. An information board should be erected there stating that no bribe should be given for a bag of paddy.

Vennar, Tenperambur dam area should be declared as a tourist destination and dilapidated gates and barrages should be repaired in the dam area built by Chola king Azhisi and his son Senthan about 2 thousand years ago at Kachamangalam across Vennar. A new bridge should be constructed at Nedar as the overcast bridge is in poor condition.

The government should abandon the decision to set up sand quarries in various areas including Kallani in Kollidam river of thanjavur district.

As there is no bar in the Tasmac shops, the liquor is drunk and broken and left here and there. This causes disruption to the road users. So the government should purchase empty liquor bottles. Similarly, permission should be given for the sale of products that are not harmful to health.

As soil fertility is affected by chemical fertilizers, each panchayat should provide a soil survey vehicle at 50 percent of the fee to survey the soil.

The government bus from Pattukottai to Pappanadu is very bad. It doesn't come on time. Sometimes the bus does not operate due to lack of drivers. Due to this the rural people are suffering. As schools and colleges are about to open, the government should run the bus properly.

Government employees who have been working in the same place for a long time should be transferred," they said.

Earlier, the farmers participating under the leadership of the State Vice President of the Joint Movement of Farmers' Unions R. Sukumaran, asked to waive all loans and education loans taken from central, state and cooperative banks, provide relief to farmers affected by the rains last February, reduce the price of fertilizers, Rs. 4 thousand and per quintal of paddy Rs. 2500 per quintal of cotton at Rs. 10,000, they came wearing a noose around their neck and submitted a petition to the district Collector.

Similarly, farmers participating under the leadership of district President of tamilnadu Farmers' Association R. senthilkumar sat on the ground in front of the district collector and chanted and petitioned, wearing namam around their necks and holding weeds in their hands, emphasizing the demands such as the order to properly carry out the work of far varum and pay the loan received through the cooperative society within one year.

Responding to this, district collector deepak Jekab said: "The ongoing Door Varum work in thanjavur district is being monitored and information is being given to the leadership. Soon the chief minister of tamil Nadu will inspect the Door Varum work going on here. The public works department should complete the pending works quickly.

Also, action will be taken for all grievances of the farmers. As a committee has been set up for Brivantangudi sugar Mill, information about it will be known within 2 days. Efforts will be made to find a solution through the state-level committee of bankers regarding the loan taken from Farmers Bank,” he said.

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