The indian Railway Department has given an explanation as to how the Coromandel Express train derailed.

Jaya Verma, operations and business development member of the Railway Board, said, “There are 4 railway tracks in the Bahanaka area where the accident took place. There are two major railway lines. The other two are loop tracks.

If we have to stop the train, we stop it on the loop track. At the time of the accident, both the express trains were passing through the station in different directions. In the case of railway stations, loop lines are in the middle of the main lines and on either side of the main lines.

At the time of the accident, two trains were stopped to make way for two express trains that were due to stop. Then a freight train was waiting on the loop line. Two main lines for Coromandel and Bengaluru - Howrah Express were cleared, everything was ready and the signal was given green. A green signal means that the path ahead is clear for the driver and he can use maximum speed.

The speed limit for Coromandel at that point is 130 kmph. There the Coromandel train travels at a speed of 128 km per hour. At the same time Bengaluru - Howrah was traveling at a speed of 126 kmph within the permissible speed limit. Trains do not run at high speed. The trains have moved because the signal was green.

The preliminary report mentions that the accident was due to some signal malfunction, but I will not comment on that till the report is submitted. But the claim that three trains collided is not true. The Coromandel train was the only one that met with an accident and it was the Coromandel train that collided with the goods train standing on the loop line. The impact became greater as the train was at its maximum speed. The freight train is heavy and contains iron ore. As a result, nothing happened to the freight train. The Coromandel train suffered the full brunt of the collision. Coromandel's coaches are made by LHP (Linke Hofmann Busch coach- a German coach manufacturer). These are very safe. Do not collide with each other. But in this accident, the Coromandel train was completely affected, so no technology could save it.

The last few coaches of the Yeshwantpur train were also affected as the derailed coaches of the Coromandel train fell on the other main line passing through Yeshwantpur Howrah.” said.

Train accident: The Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express train which left West Bengal's capital Kolkata at 3.20 pm yesterday (June 2) was arriving at Bahanaga Bazar area between Odisha's Balasore-Badrak railway stations at 7 pm. Then, the train shifted from the main track to the connecting track. The Coromandel Express collided with a freight train that was already stopped on the connecting track at breakneck speed. So far 275 people have died in this train accident. 1000 people were injured.

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