CM nitish kumar has said many times regarding the Center that Modi government can hold elections soon

(Lok Sabha election 2024). On this, LJP chief chirag paswan said on monday that he doesn’t know why

Chief minister nitish kumar is so afraid of elections. Their fear is natural, the chief minister himself has not

contested any personal election for two decades. The last time he contested the elections, he lost a seat, after

that he neither came to the lok sabha nor to the assembly after contesting the elections.

Politician should be prepared for every situation- Chirag Paswan

Chirag Paswan said that elections are going on in cm Nitish Kumar's mind all the time. When will the

elections be held? Will happen later. The election commission will inform when elections are about to be

held. After this make preparations. nitish kumar continued to fulfill the responsibility of Chief Minister

through MLC. Their fear of elections is natural, but whenever elections are held, they should be held on time.

Politicians and political parties should be prepared for every situation.

We are always ready for elections- Nitish Kumar

Let us tell you that while replying to the questions of the media, cm nitish kumar said on monday that they

(BJP) want to hold elections in the entire country soon. The sooner the elections are held the better, we are

just waiting. We are always ready for elections. The government of india has the right to hold Parliament

elections even earlier. At the same time, in the bill that is coming regarding appointment in the Election

Commission, there is talk of removing the Chief Justice and there will be a central minister. On this matter,

the chief minister said that when the matter comes to light, everyone will present their views. It is too early to

say anything right now.

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