Mandya mp Sumalatha Ambarish expressed regret that the supreme court would give relief this time in the Cauvery water dispute. Today Mandya district Collector Dr. Kumar spoke to the media after holding a meeting with irrigation officials and agriculture officials, he said that injustice has been done to the state repeatedly in the Cauvery issue. I don't know why this is happening. Now we have to obey the supreme Order. politics is not talking in this situation. No one can interfere in Cauvery issue. It is unfair to the farmers. What is the answer? He said that what action should be taken should be decided.

I held a meeting today and got information from the officials. If you listen to the officials, you will be more worried. He said that even for agriculture, drinking water will also be affected. What to do in such a situation? I have also gone to 3 meetings called by the CM. We asked for clarity on my doubts. We have failed to convince the supreme Court. Authorities of other states go to the meeting. But our officers participate through video call. What will be the effect of doing so? Make an honest effort. He expressed displeasure against the authorities that such a problem should be taken seriously. KRS has 20TMC of water. 4TMC of which is dead storage. In the rest of the water, water for tamil Nadu and water for us should be saved. Rain is forecast next week. That is the only way before us. If it rains, the problem may go away. The Union minister has promised to check the dangs. Officials said that water cannot be released for agriculture except for drinking water. In such a situation, we should stand for the farmers. Farmers are already protesting. If the water is taken only for drinking, the government should immediately compensate the farmers. Farmers should get crop insurance. Then it helps in such a situation. But unfortunately many farmers do not come forward for insurance. Hard days are forgotten when it rains. But it is necessary to take precautionary measures, he said.

No one shall intervene:

Neither the central government nor the state government can interfere in the matter of Cauvery river water distribution. But the two states can sit and talk to each other and resolve it.

If legal action is not possible, it can be solved by talking. But it is not said that water should not be given, but our need should be looked at. Talk to enemy country pakistan and solve it. Similarly, why can't we talk to tamil Nadu? The government should try to solve this problem. I have asked for an opportunity to talk about the Cauvery issue in Parliament. He said that he spoke about farmers' problems on priority basis.

Ambarish resigned for Cauvery:

Ambarish resigned over the Cauvery issue. In the same way, do what I can within my scope. Ask farmers for advice. I am ready to stand with the government on this matter without mixing politics. This is not the responsibility of one person but the responsibility of all of us. This is not the time to talk about resignation, there is no information that our people are innocent. It is not possible to enter between the state and the central government. If the center had the key, why would Ambarish have resigned earlier? people of Mandya district have voted for me. I have been given responsibility. Power is not permanent for anyone. If such a situation comes, I will not even think for 2 seconds to resign. Anyone can make political criticism. I don't know why he didn't get a chance to meet the PM. PM had given me time. I have talked about Mandya's situation. Didn't go to focus on the photo. PM has spoken to me even during busy hours. He retorted that I don't need to pose for a photo. Meanwhile, the actor raised the issue of silence on the Cauvery issue. Actors stand for the state. Controversy should not be done. He defended the actors' silence by saying that not speaking does not mean that they are against.

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