Important observations about Vinayaka immersion in the twin cities have been given by the telangana High Court. It has been made clear that Tank Bund should not be used to submerge PoP idols. It suggested that the government uphold the earlier guarantee in this regard. Artificial pools were to be built in accordance with the court's direction for idol immersion.

It instructed the CP to make preparations and take the necessary steps with relation to the immersion of PoP idols. It said that a report on the execution of these agreements should be provided to the court. The high court has reiterated its position that PoP idols in the twin cities should not be submerged in Tank Bund but rather preserved in specifically constructed ponds.

On Monday, a two-judge telangana high court panel declined to issue preliminary orders in favour of the makers of plaster of paris Lord Ganesh statues. The telangana Ganesh Murti Kalakaar Welfare Association filed a writ suit challenging the rules set out by the pollution Control Board for a blanket ban on the Ganesh idols made of plaster of Paris. The appeal was being heard by the bench of Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Justice N. V. shravan Kumar.

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