Before his planned visit to the State, BRS MLC K kavitha urged prime minister Narendra Modi to keep his commitments to Telangana. She demanded that, prior to his arrival, Modi provide clarification on the national status of the kaleshwaram project and the creation of a turmeric Board in Nizamabad. She also demanded that the Women's Reservation Bill be put into effect right away.

Kavitha was welcomed warmly by BRS activists and the general public in Nizamabad, who on monday organised a sizable demonstration from the ITI grounds to the Collectorate grounds in honour of her maiden visit following the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill in the Parliament. Speaking to the group, kavitha emphasised the crucial role the BRS played in pushing the Women's Reservation Bill. She pointed out that the bjp administration, which assumed office in 2014, did not move until the BRS highlighted the problem. She praised the BRS's efforts in pressuring parliament to have a special session in order to introduce the Bill, which also led the congress to endorse it.

Kavitha questioned the loyalty of the congress party in light of recent pledges made on OBC women's quota. She recalled this, saying that if the congress had been honest, justice would have already been served to women from BC, SC, and st twenty years prior. She said that the congress only brought up these concerns after losing power. She also mocked the congress party's campaign pledges to enact policies that were identical to those already being carried out by the BRS administration.

In response to rahul Gandhi's prediction that the congress will win the state of telangana, kavitha referred to sonia Gandhi's earlier prediction of a similar outcome. She emphasised that the development of all communities within the State should take precedence over gaining power. She stressed the dedication of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao to the development of the State.

Kavitha emphasised Telangana's tranquil law and order situation during the BRS government in the last nine years and credited a suitable climate for the State's economic progress and increasing investments. According to her, the BRS administration not only fosters growth but also protects the dignity of its citizens, which is reflected in a number of government initiatives. She emphasised the prospects for women in various capacities, including market committees, and said that telangana is the only State that offers pensions to beedi workers.

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