The foundation stone of the state congress office in rajasthan has been laid. After that the

race for tickets has started. All those big leaders in congress who are in the role of giving

tickets have visited Rajasthan. This time many surveys have been done for tickets. After that

everything now depends on the decisions of the leaders. In this election, everything has been

left to the high command in Congress. However, applications have been taken from

candidates at the block level.

Due to this, the number of people asking for tickets as per the application for every seat is

very high. Chaumu and Bagru assembly seats of jaipur have the highest number of

applicants. There are more than 100 applicants for Chaumu seat. Sources say that the ticket

for Chaumun seat is decided from Amer and Shahpura seats. On the other hand, whoever gets

the ticket will be given the ticket in Chaumu according to his caste.

First week of october is very important

The first week of october will be very important in the politics of Rajasthan. Because, till

September, surveys of all the seats have been done. Now it is the turn to give tickets. For this,

considering the seriousness of the elections, all the parties are preparing to seal the ticket. The

biggest problem behind this is the emergence of new contenders every day. Now after the

claim in congress, Ticket Parikrama has started. For this, rounds of in-charge and co-in-

charge are being made. After the survey, everyone is searching for their name in the list.

Therefore, the list of candidates for 50 seats may come in the first week of October.

Tickets will be available two months in advance

CM ashok gehlot had said a few days ago that this time the tickets will be declared two

months in advance. Accordingly, now everyone is emphasizing their claim. According to the

claimants, they also need time to work in their field. Therefore, it would be good if you get

the tickets on time. In the rural areas of rajasthan, names of many are being finalized. Cities

and villages are covered with posters and banners.

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