This time in rajasthan, Hindutva has emerged as a big issue before the assembly. bharatiya janata party is

continuously accusing ashok Gehlot’s government of being anti-Hindu. congress is currently on the backfoot

on this issue. However, congress has changed its strategy this time and has worked extensively in Hindu

pilgrimage sites, religious tourist places, temples and has also launched many schemes.

Rajendra Gudha has made serious allegations

Apart from this, Rajendra Gudha, who was a minister in Gehlot’s cabinet, had made many allegations against

his own government. Actually, in the month of July this year, Gudha had reached the assembly with a red

diary. He had claimed that the entire list of allegations against ashok gehlot has been written in this diary.

Gudha had alleged that the entire account of buying of MLAs by congress during the crisis was written in this

diary. After these allegations, Gehlot government was much disgraced.

Trend of change of government in five years

There has been a trend in rajasthan for the last 20 years to change the government every five years. In such a

situation, if this time there is a central government in the state, then it is expected that next time the people of

the state will give a chance to the bjp government.

BJP’s challenges in Rajasthan

Even though congress and bjp are claiming to form their respective governments in the state. But, there are no

less challenges in bjp also. Like congress, BJP’s internal discord is public. In such a situation, it is believed

that like Madhya Pradesh, the party can make Union ministers and MPs as assembly candidates in Rajasthan

also. bharatiya janata party feels that by doing this an atmosphere will be created in favor of BJP. This will

send a message that bjp is fielding its best team in the elections. This will give bjp a psychological edge over

Congress. The voters and workers who vote will get excited and their enthusiasm will increase.

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