The telangana High court closely questioned the TS Public service Commission (TSPSC) over how it operates as the top hiring organisation in the state. It noted that the recent document leaks and inability to hold the esteemed Group-1 examination in accordance with its own guidelines had damaged the commission's confidence. Hearing the commission's appeal against the exam's cancellation, a panel of Justices Abhinand Kumar Shavili and Anil Kumar Jukanti noted that all these occurrences created questions and doubts about the operation of the TSPSC.

After promising to do so, the bench questioned the TSPSC on why it had not yet collected the candidates' biometric data. The bench questioned the discrepancies in the quantity of OMR sheets and inquired as to whether the TSPSC personnel was so ineffective as to be incapable of counting. The bench expressed alarm and unhappiness at the "callous and lackadaisical way" the TSPSC conducted the test the second time, saying that "because of your (TSPSC) failure, the future of lakhs of students is at stake and this has resulted in driving the students to suicide."

The TSPSC, according to Justice Shavili, could have added a statement to the notification declaring that the biometric system will not be employed, but it did not. He mentioned that the TSPSC had employed the technology for the initial test, which was held in october 2022 but was cancelled due to a fraud involving paper leaks. He stated, "Look at the situation of the unemployed kids owing to the test being cancelled due to technological faults and technical hitches...

The TSPSC "was callous in holding the exam and even removed the biometric system," Justice Jukanti said. Such TSPSC behaviour constitutes "fraud," according to legal definitions. According to Advocate General B.S., the petitioners' fear of impersonation was unfounded and there was no proof to support their claims. He said that a regulation might be changed or relaxed by the TSPSC. prasad cited the overwhelming volume of applicants and the lack of time as reasons for not adopting the biometric system. "Even the UPSC is not using the biometric method," he claimed.

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