Highest paid actors in India. No Rajini. No Prabhas. Who knows?                                                                                                                 

India's highest-paid actor earns more than Rs 300 crore per film. Rajinikanth, Prabhas, salman, SRK, and akshay kumar are not included in this list.

India's Highest Paid Actor

Allu arjun of pushpa fame is none other than the actor who earns more than Rs.300 crores per film. Born in 1982, allu arjun belongs to an influential family. His father is filmmaker allu aravind and his mother is Nirmala.

 Actor Allu Arjun

His paternal grandfather is famous film comedian Allu Ramalingaiah who acted in more than 1000 films. allu arjun is an indian actor who rose to fame in the last few years with the success of 'Pushpa: The Rise'. The actor made his debut with 'Gangotri' in 2003 and got his breakthrough in 'Arya' (2004).

 Allu Arjun's Net Worth

Allu arjun has been a big name in the telugu film industry for years and 'Pushpa: The Rise' has become the highest-grossing indian film of 2021. He later became an indian and global superstar. pushpa is also among the highest-grossing telugu films of all time.

Pushpa 2

Sureka Konidela, wife of actor Chiranjeevi, is his paternal aunt. After the success of the first part of pushpa, allu arjun is now gearing up for the release of the second part of 'Pushpa: The Rule'. Let's say that there was a time when allu arjun was paid 18 to 20 crores per film.

Allu arjun Movies

However, according to the latest media reports, the actor has paid Rs. 50 crore and has now asked the producers for Rs 90 to 125 crore for 'Pushpa: The Rule'. Reports suggest that allu arjun will get 33% of the total revenue of 'Pushpa 2' including theatrical, OTT, satellite, dubbing, and audio rights.

Allu arjun sneha Reddy

Earlier, Superstar Rajinikanth earned a salary of Rs.210 crore for the film 'Jailer'. Apart from this, Prabhas, salman khan, and Shah Rukh Khan are paid Rs 150 to 200 crores per film. allu arjun is married to sneha Reddy. They have two children. A son, Ayaan and a daughter, Arha. Allu Arjun's net worth is Rs 350 Crores.

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