There is a criticism that the politics of ap is mainly based on caste. This has been proven many times. At the time of announcing the lists of candidates, the parties also mention how many seats they have given to a particular social group. Not only that.. While giving the lists, the candidate's caste is also mentioned separately. Caste has all the priority.

That is why parties consider caste as the main factor in selecting candidates. But now there is a new trend in AP. Inter-caste marriage leaders are being specially investigated. Because.. leaders who have inter-caste marriages.. there seems to be a feeling that they can satisfy the leaders of both their castes.

In penukonda one, this time both ycp and Kutami fielded women candidates. ycp minister Ushasree Charan, who belongs to the kuruba community, is contesting from here. The tdp alliance has also fielded Savithamma, who belongs to the Kuraba community. Due to the large population of Kurubas in this area, usha Sri Charan was fielded by YSP. Another reason is that her husband belongs to the reddy caste.

It is known that the importance of reddy community in Rayalaseema. That is why the ycp hopes that the Kurubas and the Reds will also contribute to Ushasree's victory. But Savitamma who is in the ring from tdp is also a kuruba woman. Not only that.. Savithamma's husband belongs to kamma social class. tdp thinks that this too is meeting her here. Savithamma is banking on the votes of the bc community, along with the politically dominant Kammas along with the Kurubas, who are the majority of the population in this region. Usashree Charan believes that kuruba, Reds, sc and st vote bank will join him. But being a non-local, not getting a good name as mla and minister are minuses for Ushasree. Let's see who will be crowned by the people of Penukonda.

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